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FAQ for Expatriates

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Can you help me find a specific property?

Yes, if you are looking for a property that meets specific criteria, we can help you find it and speed up the process using our network of local contacts and partners.


What are your fees if we sign a lease?

In the case of a long-term rental (greater than or equal to 12 months), our fees correspond to one month of rent, paid by each of the two parties (tenant + lessor).


Do you offer help with administrative formalities?

Yes, our real estate agency can help you navigate through rental processes and administrative formalities for renting a property in Morocco.


What documents do I need to present to rent a property in Morocco?

To ensure the solvency and reliability of a prospective tenant, the owner may require certain documents before signing the rental contract: a proof of identity, and evidence concerning his professional activity and resources. Contact us to find out more.


What obligations do I have to respect as a tenant?

As a tenant, you need to:
- Pay the amount of rent due at the beginning of each month
- Sign for a home insurance (when specified on your lease contract)
- Transfer electricity and internet contracts (if applicable) to your name
- Take care of the apartment, maintain it and notify the owner to make repairs when necessary
- Use the property responsibly, like a careful and considerate resident, ensuring the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood is maintained.


I work in a liberal profession. Am I allowed to receive customers in the rented property?

Whether you're allowed to receive clients depends on the terms of your lease agreement. Some leases may restrict the use of residential properties for commercial purposes, while others might allow it under certain conditions. It's essential to review your lease agreement and, if necessary, discuss this with your landlord to ensure compliance with all terms and regulations.


How to find a property for rent in Morocco through Feel Home?

Contact us by phone (+212 6 61 977 267), by email ( or via WhatsApp, and provide us with the main characteristics of the accommodation you are looking for. An advisor will contact you within 24 hours to assist you and answer all your questions.


How long is the notice of departure?

In Morocco, the notice for cancelling a contract is usually 2 months (for furnished properties) and 1 month (unfurnished), during which time you remain liable to pay the rent.


Can the landlord end the lease whenever he wants to?

The lessor who wishes to end the rental contract must give the tenant at least two months' notice, based on serious and legitimate reasons such as:
- Delays in the payment of rent.
- The takeover of the rented premises to live there or to house his spouse, direct ancestors or descendants in the first degree.
- The need to carry out major repairs requiring the housing to be vacated.


What charges do I have to pay in addition to rent?

Rent is understood to be “charges included”, in reference to condominium fees. They correspond to the services that you benefit from as an occupant of the apartment (elevator, maintenance of common areas, security fees, etc.).
As a tenant, you are also responsible (unless otherwise stated) for the following fees that you pay directly to the service provider:
- Electricity
- Internet access (if not included in the rental)


Is internet included in the rent for furnished apartments?

It depends on the owner's choice. Some offer Internet access included in the rent, others do not. In the event that Internet access is included in the rent, the contract remains in the name of the owner.


What is the security deposit for? What is the amount?

The amount of the security deposit is:
- 1 month's rent for renting an empty apartment
- 2 months rent for renting a furnished apartment

The security deposit is collected by the owner, and is then returned after leaving the premises.
The security deposit is used to guarantee the condition of the apartment, and covers cleaning expenses or repairs that would not have been made by the tenant. It is payable at the time of signing the lease.


Who should do the repairs in the apartment?

The distribution of responsibilities between tenant and owner is defined in the rental repair maintenance list provided in the annex to the lease agreement.


Who should I contact in case of problems during the rental?

In the event of a disaster (e.g. water damage), you must immediately inform the landlord and make a declaration to your home insurance.


Can you help me fix a problem that I am responsible for?

If you are responsible for the repair, we can help you by connecting you with an expert as soon as possible.

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