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Expatriate Services

Tailored specifically for expatriates, our services ensure a seamless transition, whether you're looking for a cozy spot for a few weeks or a welcoming home for years to come.

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Discover furnished rentals that align perfectly with your duration of stay and lifestyle needs, all with our expert guidance every step of the way.

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Handpicked for their charm, our properties meet strict criteria on location, size, neighbourhood, decoration, amenities, community, security, and convenience. Because when settling abroad, every detail matters !

We Help You Find a Home With Your Lifestyle in Mind!

We guide you to your ideal oasis in Morocco, matching your budget and preferences:
- Property Type (Size, Rooms, Balcony, View)
- Amenities (Desk, TV, Internet, AC)
- Neighbourhood (Tourist, Residential, Business)
- Proximity (Transport, Beach, Restaurants, Schools).

Discover Home Sweet Home... Moroccan Style

Embark on your Moroccan adventure into a home that promises more than comfort and security; enhanced with a suite of unique services, from the moment you touch down.

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Are you moving to Morocco for personal or professional reasons? Are you looking for advice on where to stay? Find the answers to all your questions!


What are the payment terms for renting a property?

Payment terms may vary depending on the owner. For furnished rentals, 2 months of rent are usually requested as a deposit; in addition to the rent to be paid at the beginning of each month.


What are your fees if I sign a lease?

For long-term leases (12+ months), our agency fees are set at the equivalent of 1 month's rent. This one-time commission, payable at the time of lease signing, reflects the comprehensive suite of services we provide. This includes dedicated property searches, personalized viewings, seamless communication, expert advice, and all the necessary arrangements to ensure we find the ideal match for your housing needs.


Can you help me with the search for a specific property?

Sure! If you're looking for a property that meets very specific requirements, we've got you covered! Our extensive network of local real estate contacts and partnerships enables us to identify the perfect fit for your needs. Feel free to get in touch to share your criteria and let us help you find your ideal property.


Can you help me with administrative formalities?

Absolutely! Our real estate agency is equipped to assist you with all the necessary administrative tasks related to property rental in Morocco. With our experienced team by your side, navigating through the rental process and formalities becomes a seamless experience.

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